"Clearly, an ethics-free focus on performance is a superb way to destroy performance . . . But what is perhaps not as obvious is the wealth and good that can come from closely connecting these two powerful concepts - ethics and performance.

In this wonderful book, Wes Cantrell and Jim Lucas show us what this connection looks like, and how it can be put to work to build prosperous organizations and careers.

You should find the style of this book appealing. It is a very personal case study encased in outstanding teaching. The focus is on the career of Wes Cantrell, an excellent leader and CEO who lived the precepts of this book in a forty-six-year career with Lanier.

High-Performance Ethics is a rare commodity, a book with a truly unique and provocative message that can actually make a difference in the way we act and the results we get today. Its message is as important as any you will hear now or in the years to come."

-Steve Forbes
President & CEO, Forbes, Inc.
Editor-in-chief, Forbes magazine

"Using real-life examples from their own careers, Wes Cantrell and Jim Lucas demonstrate to readers that ethical leadership is needed today more than ever. From the family living room to the boardroom and from the chamber of commerce to the legislative chamber, people respond to principled, ethical leadership. In their book, High-Performance Ethics, Catrell and Lucas challenge their readers with hard questions that every aspiring leader should be prepared to answer."

-Sonny Perdue, Governor of Georgia

"Finally, a book that ties high performance and ethics together. You don't have to trade one for the other - you need both, working together, to creat the healthiest, most productive work environment possible. Cantrell and Lucas show you how. Don't miss this book if you care about developing your own high-performance, highly ethical skills."

-Michael Kroth, Author and coauthor, The Manager as a Motivator and Transforming Work


"In an ever-changing society and business landscape, we need something solid and real to hang onto. Something that tells us how to do right, something that tells us how to do well.

High-Performance Ethics points the way to that 'something' . . . . This book is based on principles that are thousands of years old, illustrated with examples as current and cutting-edge as today's news.

You will do well to take the message you've received in High-Performance Ethics and apply it to your life and career"

-Zig Ziglar
Author and motivational speaker
Founder, Ziglar


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